The Honourable Minister of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs participates in the 'Voice of Global South Summit'

Senator the Honourable Dr. Amery Browne, Minister of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs, today participated in the Foreign Ministers Session of the ‘Voice of Global South Summit‘ hosted by the Government of the Republic of India.

The Summit was convened by India in order to elicit the views of invited countries concerning how India, as President of the Group of 20, could leverage its role to contribute to their development.

India assumed the Presidency of the G20, an organization comprising most of the World’s largest economies, in December of 2022. Members include the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Canada.

The G20 exercises considerable influence globally and seeks to address pressing international issues including financial stability, climate change mitigation and Sustainable Development.

Dr. Browne, in his intervention during the Summit, identified several significant issues which impact Trinidad and Tobago and expressed the enthusiasm of this country for collaborating with India in addressing them.

The Minister explained that Climate Change and its negative effects, including more frequent extreme weather events such as floods and droughts, posed serious threats to the development of Trinidad and Tobago.

He emphasized the responsibility of large developed countries, which contribute disproportionately to Climate Change, to assist developing countries in their efforts to adapt to the changing climate and in mitigating the negative effects of this phenomenon.

In addressing global health phenomena, including COVID-19, the Minister alluded to the importance of heightened international cooperation in combatting these phenomena.

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) remain acutely vulnerable to exogenous factors particularly international financial crises. Dr. Browne, in his statement, asserted that SIDS could contribute increasingly to global advancement if their own development were propelled by international cooperation.

The high priority given by Trinidad and Tobago to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was emphasized by the Minister. He further explained that the use of a Multidimensional Vulnerability Index instead of other measures to categorize the eligibility of developing countries to benefit from international financial assistance, would go far towards assisting their development.

The Minister closed by thanking India for the opportunity to raise serious issues impacting Trinidad and Tobago and reiterated the commitment of this country to beneficial collaboration with India and with all members of the Group of 20.

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