The Africa, Asia, Middle East and the Pacific Division

The Africa, Asia, Middle East and the Pacific Division is responsible for pursuing the strengthening of bilateral links between Trinidad and Tobago and the countries within the respective regions.

Expansion of the benefits of trade and economic and political relations is emphasised.  In addition, the Division explores possibilities for technical cooperation with and assistance from the countries of these regions, which primarily result in the successful conclusion of cultural, investment, trade and economic cooperation agreements.

The Division also monitors developments in the regions under its purview and prepares briefs and reports on the relevant countries and on issues of importance to Trinidad and Tobago.

The Americas Division

The mandate of the Americas Division is to research, formulate and implement initiatives that permit the proactive achievement of the objectives of Trinidad and Tobago's relationship with countries of the Americas - North, South and Central America. Specific focus is placed on optimising the benefits of trade, economic and political relations.

The Division is also responsible for monitoring developments in sub-regional, regional, hemispheric and international agencies and joint initiatives involving any or all of the hemispheric agencies.

In addition, the Division participates in multilateral and bilateral negotiations with the countries in the region and prepares political and economic briefing documents and bilateral data on technical training and cooperation matters between Trinidad and Tobago and these states.

European Affairs Division

The European Affairs Division has a mandate to intensify and expand the scope of Trinidad and Tobago’s relations with countries of the European Union and other European countries. In this regard, Trinidad and Tobago, as a member of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) States, seeks to maximize the benefits of trade, economic and political relations.