Nationals in Distress

Trinidad and Tobago nationals in distress – protecting your rights and interests

Trinidad and Tobago nationals abroad may find themselves in situations of vulnerability such as:

  • students who may require assistance,
  • victims of abduction or human trafficking,
  • victims of abuse while in state custody or employed with a company, or otherwise institutionalized including as wards of the state.

If you or any Trinidad and Tobago national you know abroad requires assistance, please contact the nearest Trinidad and Tobago Mission (High Commission, Embassy or Consulate General). If there is no Mission in the country where the person is located, please contact the Ministry of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs in Trinidad and Tobago at 

What our Consular Staff CAN do:

  • Contact the authorities in the country where the person is located to arrange for a Consular visit
  • Organize periodic checks in cases of suspected abuse
  • Contact the Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago for guidance on adoptions
  • Provide a list of lawyers in the local jurisdiction who may be able to provide legal advice
  • Provide a list charities or NGOs who can offer assistance
  • Alert the authorities in situations of abduction or human trafficking


What our Consular Staff CANNOT do

  • Provide long term financial support
  • Remove you from the custody of the state agency or institution
  • Pay for your legal fees