National Flag

The National Flag was selected from a series of designs created by the Independence Committee in 1962. The colours of red , white and black were chosen to reflect the philosophy of a 'new nation', the principles for which it stood, its hopes and aspirations and the Nation's supreme determination to preserve the harmony and unity of spirit which underlie the cultural diversity of our people.

These colours also represent the elements of Earth, Water and Fire which are embodied in our past, present and future. 

Black represents the dedication of the people joined together by one strong bond. It is the colour of strength, of unity of purpose, and of the wealth of the land.

Red represents the fire element. It is the colour most expressive of our country; the vitality of the land and its peoples; the warmth and energy of the sun , the courage and friendliness of the people.

White is the sea by which these lands are bound; the cradle of our nation's heritage; the purity of aspirations and the equality of all men under the sun.