Nationals Abroad

One of the most important functions of Trinidad and Tobago Diplomatic and Consular Missions is to ensure that the rights of Trinidad and Tobago nationals who are arrested or imprisoned abroad are fully respected. If a national is arrested, in many cases the local authorities will contact the Trinidad and Tobago Embassy, High Commission or Consulate only if they are specifically asked to do so.

When the Mission is informed of the arrest or imprisonment of a Trinidad and Tobago national, it will respond immediately and provide all possible Consular assistance. However, the Trinidad and Tobago Government and its officials cannot intervene in the justice system or law courts of other countries

What to do if arrested

  •  If you need to find a lawyer or contact family members, ask the authorities to contact the nearest Trinidad and Tobago Mission. You have the right under international law to speak with a Consular representative.
  • Do not sign any statement or document without seeking legal advice, especially if it is in a language you do not understand.
What can a Trinidad and Tobago Consular officer do if a national is arrested?

  • Provide you with list of local lawyers and provide information about local legal aid;
  • inform next-of-kin or other relatives or friends of your arrest and seek financial assistance    from them, if you request this;
  • arrange for the transfer of funds from family or friends for payment of bail or other legal expenses.  
What can a Trinidad and Tobago Consular officer not do?
  •  Select a lawyer;
  •  provide legal advice;
  •  get you released from detention or imprisonment;
  •   pay legal fees, fines or bail;
  •   secure better treatment for Trinidad and Tobago nationals than local or other nationals receive;
  •   interfere with or influence the local justice system;
  •   provide any financial assistance while you are in prison.

Where to get more information
For more information, or if you require any form of assistance, please contact the Trinidad and Tobago Embassy, High Commission or Consulate nearest to you. Please follow the link below for a list of Trinidad and Tobago Overseas Missions. The Consular staff will be please to help you in any way they can.

Trinidad and Tobago Embassies, High Comissions and Consulates