Trinidad and Tobago’s Diplomatic and Consular Missions work in tandem with the Immigration Division of the Ministry of National Security to issue visas to non-nationals. If a person belongs to a country whose nationals require a visa to enter Trinidad and Tobago, that individual must apply for a visa either at the Trinidad and Tobago Consular post in the country where he/she lives or the nearest Consular post (Click here for OverseasMissions). Nationals of certain countries are able to obtain their visas at the port of entry.

 It should be noted that having a visa does not guarantee anyone the right to enter Trinidad and Tobago. The immigration officer at the port of entry has the final authority in this matter.

 In the context of COVID-19, non-nationals who are unvaccinated, or who have received a vaccine other than those approved by the World Health Organization, cannot enter Trinidad and Tobago at this time. All individuals must present a COVID -19 PCR test result completed in the last 72 hours. Please visit the Ministry of Health for more information on health regulations to enter Trinidad and Tobago.

 All individuals entering Trinidad and Tobago must have a TTravel Pass which can be obtained from the Ministry of National Security at

 Please visit the Immigration Division’s website at for more information on visas and contact