FAQ for the Embassy in Brasila, Brazil

Do Brazilian citizens need a Visa to enter Trinidad and Tobago?

Brazilian citizens do not need Visas to travel to Trinidad and Tobago for visits up to ninety (90) days. However, Brazilians wishing to work or study would require work or students permit which the candidate must apply for through the hiring company or accredited institution.

Do Trinidad and Tobago citizens need a Visa to enter Brazil?

Trinidad and Tobago citizens do not need Visas to travel to Brazil for visits up to ninety (90) days. However, for work and students visas, candidates must consult the Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil in Port of Spain. It is recommended that Trinidad and Tobago citizens get all up to date vaccinations before entering Brazil.

How much does a Trinidad and Tobago Visa cost?

Trinidad and Tobago Visa Application fee is $200.00 TT (single entry) or $400.00 TT (multiple entry) or as stipulated by the issuing authority at the Foreign Mission.

What are the requirements when applying for a Trinidad and Tobago Visa?

The requirements for applying for a Trinidad and Tobago Visa are as follows: * Completed Visa Application Form * Valid Passport or Travel Document * One (1) Passport Photo (full front view of face) * Reason for visit to Trinidad and Tobago * Letter of invitation from host in Trinidad and Tobago or a letter from a business company, as applicable * Proper Local Address * Proof of sufficient funds for upkeep during stay * Proof of Valid Return Ticket.

What is the cost of certifying a document?

The cost of authenticating a document is R$8 and can be issued during the working hours of the Embassy.

Is it possible for Trinidad and Tobago citizens to renew their passport at the Embassy in Brasilia?

The Embassy in Brasilia is authorized to issue ordinary and temporary passports for Trinidad and Tobago. Unfortunately, the Embassy does not have the ability to issues machine readable passports. The Embassy can issue old model passports that are valid until December 31, 2013, after with the Mission will no longer issuing or extending passports. The Embassy wishes to advise that if possible, citizens should apply for machine readable passport in Port of Spain, Trinidad or the Missions where machine readable passport services are offered: * London, United Kingdom * Washington, United States of America * New York, United States of America * Miami, United States of America * Ottawa, Canada * Toronto, Canada * Caracas, Venezuela