Trinidad and Tobago is pleased to join with our Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Member States and the African Union Membership in commemorating the second annual recognition of Africa-CARICOM Day. This day marks the anniversary of the historic, inaugural Africa-CARICOM Summit that was held on 7th September, 2021.

Africa-CARICOM Day is significant to Trinidad and Tobago given our country’s longstanding bilateral ties with countries of the African Continent, and our status as an Observer Member of the African Union. It is therefore with great pleasure that we acknowledge the expansion of these bonds within the regional context as we seek to harmonise our objectives through reinvigorated ‘South-South’ cooperation.

Since the first Summit, there have been tremendous shifts in the global landscape which have served to underscore the importance of nurturing and investing in the relationship between our two regional blocs. It is with great optimism that we view the opportunities for future collaboration in respect of, inter alia, Trade and Investment, Tourism, Culture and the Creative Industries, based on increasing people to people interfaces between CARICOM and Africa.

On this Africa-CARICOM Day, let us reflect on the myriad of ways this ancestral relationship has been woven into our national and regional fabric, and to recognise that Africa-CARICOM relations are strong and growing in contemporary and innovative ways which will benefit all of our citizens.

Happy Africa-CARICOM Day 2023!

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