Senator the Honourable Dr. Amery Browne, Minister of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs, held discussions with a visiting delegation from the Bureau of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People (CEIRPP), during a meeting on 22nd April, 2024 at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs. 

CEIRPP strives to heighten international awareness of all aspects of the question of Palestine and promote international support for and assistance to the Palestinian people. Additionally, it strongly supports the objective, affirmed in United Nations Security Council Resolution 1397 (2002), of two States, Israel and Palestine, living side by side within secure and recognized borders. It is composed of the following twenty-five (25) UN Member States: Afghanistan, Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, Cyprus, Ecuador, Guinea, Guyana, India, Indonesia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mali, Malta, Namibia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tunisia, Türkiye, Venezuela.

The visiting delegation was led by His Excellency Cheikh Niang, Permanent Representative of Senegal to the United Nations in New York and included His Excellency Ernesto Soberon Guzman, Permanent Representative of Cuba to the UN; His Excellency Jaime Hermida Castillo, Permanent Representative of Nicaragua to the UN; His Excellency Riyad Mansour, Permanent Observer of the State of Palestine to the UN; and Mr. Patrice Chiwota of Zimbabwe, Senior Political Officer and Secretary of the Committee. The delegation was accompanied by and Ms Joanna Kazana, Resident Representative of the United Nations in Trinidad and Tobago.

During the discussions, Minister Browne indicated to the Committee that the effects of the situation in Palestine appalled the People of Trinidad and Tobago and that the policy of the Government has consistently been to support the ‘Two State Solution’ with Israel and Palestine co-existing as sovereign and neighbouring countries. Trinidad and Tobago has repeatedly called for dialogue, diplomacy and an immediate ceasefire in Gaza in an effort to put an end to the dire conflict. In this regard, Ambassador Cheikh Niang expressed that the Committee visited Trinidad and Tobago as part of its advocacy efforts given the principled position maintained by this country on the conflict and its leadership role in the Region. The Committee hoped that Trinidad and Tobago would encourage its regional neighbours to support the cause of Palestine in seeking recognition by the United Nations as a sovereign state.

Ambassador Riyad Mansour, Permanent Observer of the State of Palestine to the UN gave a graphic account of the tremendous loss of life and damage to persons and property occasioned by the conflict. He referred to the millions of persons around the world who had expressed solidarity with the people of Palestine and asked for the support of Trinidad and Tobago in achieving Statehood.

The Minister of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs congratulated the Committee on its work towards promoting peace and committed to continued engagement of Trinidad and Tobago in efforts towards peaceful resolution of the conflict.

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