Trinidad and Tobago Overseas Missions and Diaspora Organizations across the globe have been engaged in the planning and execution of activities in commemoration of the 61st Anniversary of Independence of Trinidad and Tobago which will be celebrated on Thursday 31st August, 2023. The celebrations encompass a variety of cultural performances, exhibitions, receptions, illuminations of buildings, religious services, and interactive activities to mark this auspicious event and to enhance this country’s relationship with our Diaspora.

The activities/events to be undertaken by the Trinidad and Tobago Missions for the 61st Anniversary of Independence are listed below:

Brazil: Brasilia

31st Aug., 2023                   Reception                                                                         Ambassador’s Official Residence

Canada: Toronto, Ontario
19th Aug., 2023                  Diamond Jubilee Cricket Rematch                            Brampton
26th & 27th Aug., 2023    Trinbago Toronto Festival                                              Yonge-Dundas Square
26th Aug., 2023                 Special illumination of landmarks                              CN Tower, Mississauga Clock Tower and
                                                                                                                                            Brampton City Hall
30th Aug., 2023                 Flag Raising                                                                      Scarborough, Brampton and Mississagua
30th Aug., 2023                 Trinidad and Tobago Association of                           Mississauga Celebration Square
                                              Ontario - Flag Raising Ceremony
31st Aug., 2023                  Trinidad and Tobago Association of                            Mississauga Celebration Square
                                              Ontario – Flag Raising Ceremony                                Brampton City Hall
31st Aug., 2023                  Flag Raising Ceremony                                                   Albert Campbell Square, Scarborough

Canada: Trinbago Association of Saskatchewan
26th Aug., 2023                Flag Raising Ceremony                                                    Saskatchewan Legislative Building, Regina
16th Sept., 2023                Flag Raising Ceremony                                                    City Hall, Saskatoon

Canada: Ottawa
31st Aug., 2023                  Hoisting of the National Flag                                          Ottawa City Hall

Canada: The Trinidad and Tobago Society in Winnipeg, Manitoba
26th Aug., 2023                 Commemoration Brunch                                                Caribbean Cultural Centre, 1100 Fife Avenue
31st Aug., 2023                   Flag Raising                                                                         City Hall of Winnipeg and the
                                                                                                                                               Winnipeg Legislative Building
China: Beijing
26th August, 2023            Hosted “Brunch with D’ Trinis”                                        Beijing, China
26th August, 2023            T&T Independence Day Party at                                     Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
                                             “Three Little Birds” Restaurant

Costa Rica: San José
30th Aug., 2023                 Reception featuring Devon Seale                                  The Official Residence

Guyana: Georgetown
30th Aug., 2023                 Illumination of Chancery Building                                Georgetown, Guyana

Jamaica: Kingston
30th Aug., 2023                 Open Day                                                                              The Chancery, Kingston, Jamaica

South Africa: Pretoria
1st. Sept., 2023                   National Day                                                                         High Commissioner’s Official Residence

United Kingdom: London
1st Sept., 2023                   Evensong (Religious Service)                                            Westminster Abbey
3rd Sept., 2023                  Interfaith Service                                                                  St. Peter’s Easton Square Church, London

United States of America:
Consulate General, New York
18th Aug., 2023                Stakeholders tour of Mass Camps and Pan Yards        684 Linden BLVD (Cor. Schenectady Ave.)
19th Aug., 2023                TATUCA 61st Independence Scholarship Ball                Elegant Antuns, 96-43 Springfield Blvd.,
20th Aug., 2023               Queens Street Naming                                                        Queens, New York
25th Aug., 2023               All US Caribbean, hosts Independence Celebration     Philadelphia City Hall
26th Aug., 2023               Independence Football Classic                                          Meerrick Blvd, Jamaica Queens
27th Aug., 2023               Point Fortin Borough Day Independence Day Celebration         Canarsie Brooklyn
27th Aug., 2023               Family Day/Trinidad and Tobago 61st Independence Celebration: Baisely Pond Park - Bbq
27th Aug., 2023               Independence Church Service                                            Ave D, Brooklyn Ny
28th Aug., 2023               Independence Ceremony                                                    City hall Stamford, CT
30th Aug., 2023               Unity Sports and Cultural Event                                         Boston
30th & 31st Aug., 2023   T&T Sporting and Cultural Alliance NA, Boston
                                            J'ouvert Carnival Committee and Friends,
                                            61st Independence Day Celebration                                   Dorchester, Massachusetts
31st Aug., 2023                Mayor of Boston hosts Flag Raising ceremony                City Hall, jointly with the Mayor of
                                                                                                                                                   Boston, Congress Street, Boston
8th Sept., 2023               Apostolic Caribbean Christians
                                           Independence Flag raising Ceremony at Hempstead    Washington St. New York NY 11550
28th Sept.,2023              Independence Award Ceremony jointly with CLACC-C and Coral Reef

Florida: Miami
31st Aug., 2023                Illuminating of Freedom Tower Miami                                  600 Biscayne Blvd.

Florida: Trinidad and Tobago Independence Ball Committee
19th Aug., 2023              20th Annual Independence Ball                                               Charles F Dodge City Centre, Pembroke Pines

Washington D.C.
29th Aug. 2023                Pre-recorded Independence Interview                                 The Chancery, Washington D.C.
                                            (to be aired on 2nd Sept., 2023)
30th Aug., 2023               Toast to the Nation                                                                      The Chancery, Washington D.C.
Early Sept., 2023              Independence Celebration &                                                   Amazon Headquarters
                                             Cultural Presentation
11th Sept., 2023                 Pre-recorded Independence Interview                                The Chancery, Washington D.C.
22nd Sept., 2023              Trini Diaspora Lime “We Ting”                                                 The Chancery, Washington D.C.
24th Sept., 2023               Inter-faith Church Service                                                        Episcopal Church, Silver Spring

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